BNB Valve…the most powerful free BNB faucet…Free 0.015 BNB per day


Binance coin (BNB) is one of the top performers of 2021: it has appreciated by 500%! Many experts think that it’s an even better investment than Bitcoin. You can buy BNB on an exchange — or you can get it 100% free on BNB Valve — here’s how.

What is BNB Valve?

BNB Valve is a unique cryptocurrency faucet that deposits 0.015 BNB a day in your account. It’s really that simple: you don’t have to do anything, just collect free Binance Coins and withdraw them to your blockchain wallet.

The free plan is available to all users and doesn’t have any expiry date: you can use it for as long as you want, even a year. But if you’d like to increase your profit, we also have premium plans: for a small subscription fee you’ll be earning BNB much faster. In fact, your profit can easily exceed 100%.

One important thing to note: to get the most out of BNB Valve, you should withdraw the accrued payouts regularly. The free plan, just like any premium plan, has a limited capacity — that is, the amount in BNB you can store on your account is limited. Once that limit is reached, you need to withdraw the coins to an external wallet (such as MetaMask), and you’ll immediately start earning BNB again.

The advantages of Binance Coin

BNB was launched by the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance. Originally its main purpose was to give discounts on trading fees, but since then BNB has become the world’s third largest cryptocurrency, overtaking even Tether (USDT). Its market capitalization now exceeds $40 billion, and the price of BNB has grown by more than 500% this year.

Why is BNB so popular? The main reason is the success of Binance Smart Chain — a new blockchain by Binance designed for the DeFi industry. So far Ethereum has been the main vehicle for the DeFi ecosystem, but gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain have become too high. DeFi users have to pay $15–20 per transaction and wait for 10 minutes or longer. Of course, decentralized trading and investment isn’t sustainable under these conditions.

Binance Smart Chain solves this problem with its very low transaction fees and very fast processing of transactions. It’s a perfect option for DeFi, and this year users have already deposited billions of dollars in various decentralized finance projects based on Binance Smart Chain. And since all the fees on this blockchain are paid in BNB, the popularity of Binance has skyrocketed.

Why you should use BNB Valve

So, Binance Coin is a great investment opportunity, and it’s also easier and cheaper to use than Ethereum or Bitcoin. And BNB Valve is the place where you can get free BNB without any effort at all. Free Binance Coins will accrue to your account every minute — you’ll just need to withdraw them in time!

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