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3 min readMar 25, 2021


I think this site has the potential to provide bigger rewards in the long run. Let me give you some of its features and why I look at it as a promising faucet for crypto.


They have daily rewards which increases in a daily basis. You can multiply your earnings by linking your account to your social media.

My Social Multiplier

You also get additional rewards for every referrals that sign-up under your link.

My Referral Multiplier

For the first 5 referrals you are entitled to claim a free spin worth $5.

Five for Five

Once you claim one of the spin you get rewarded with a ZEC.

Bonus Round

On top of the multiplier, you also have the Power-Ups. This helps you get more from your daily claim.

My Power-Ups

If you are a believer of this site and wants to start ahead of everyone, then you can also upgrade your membership. You can select from Casual Supporter, Hardcore Supporter or Professional Supporter. Each tier has its own benefits.

Membership Tier

Last but not the least, if you are tired of waiting for the next coin claim you can just have fun and play some games. Yeah, this site has some games where you can relieve yourself of boredom and earn a few flare tokens in return.

Games to Play


Payment History from Pipeflare
Payment Confirmation from Binance

So I guess I have given you enough reasons to try this site. SIGN-UP NOW!!!



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